Actual Urban Camouflage

Actual Urban Camouflage @ Lideco Abandoned Ghost Town in Hanoi, Vietnam /// Tradecraft URBEX [trdcrft]Actual urban camouflage isn’t about blending into the physical city around you but to appear as if you’re from and or belong there like a local or resident.


        [ 0122519 ]         LIFESTYLE

        Habitual Personal Inventory Taking

Habitual Personal Inventory Taking: Triple Aught Design Loadout /// Tradecraft Trdcrft Whether on the move or laying low, on a trek or on a mission, make it a habit to take frequent inventory of your individual kits, loadouts and EDC.


        [ 0112919 ]         GEAR

        Adaptive Urban Camouflage

Urban Exploration in Taipei, Taiwan /// Tradecraft Trdcrft Actual, casual and active urban camouflage is about becoming a part of an interpersonal space (adaptive), not hiding within a (crypsis) visual space.


        [ 0112119 ]         GEAR, SURVIVAL, TRADECRAFT

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