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        Mechanix Tempest Gloves

Mechanix Tempest Gloves /// Tradecraft Gear    [BUY]     The Mechanix Tempest Gloves are high-end ruggedized and fire-resistant tactical gloves with superior dexterity and high tactility for combat and technical use.


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        Viktos Actual Leather Jacket

Viktos Actual Leather Jacket /// Tradecraft Gear    [BUY]     The Viktos Actual Leather Jacket is a tactical technical shell that’s waterproof, agile and designed specifically for active wear and gunfighting.


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        Reverse Urban Camouflage

Reverse Urban Camouflage /// Tradecraft [trdcrft]Reverse urban camouflage is an anti-disruptive coloration / pattern method of concealing oneself within a city landscape or among a crowd of people.


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        Ronin LS Jacket

Triple Aught Design Ronin LS Jacket /// Tradecraft Gear    [BUY]     The Ronin LS Jacket by Triple Aught Design is a limited edition technical windbreaker. Designed for speed, comfort and agility in cool to warm conditions.


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        Tyvek Hazmat Coveralls

DuPont Tyvek Hazmat Coveralls /// Tradecraft [trdcrft]    [BUY]     The Tyvek Hazmat Coveralls by Dupont are disposable suits that are highly portable and packable – protecting against chemicals and biological agents.


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        Wiley X SG-1 Goggles

Wiley X SG-1 Tactical Goggles-Sunglasses /// Tradecraft [trdcrft]    [BUY]     The Wiley X SG-1 is a hybrid tactical goggles / sunglasses made for harsh conditions such as combat or extremely dusty scenarios. It’s like armor for your eyes.


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        SAS Concealable IIIA Vest

Spartan Armor Systems Concealable Vest /// Tradecraft [trdcrft]    [BUY]     This Spartan Armor Systems “bulletproof” vest is highly concealable and extremely comfortable. It’s a wraparound type of body armor for active use.


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        HWI Kevlar Duty Gloves

HWI Kevlar Duty Gloves /// Tradecraft Gear    [BUY]     The HWI Kevlar Duty Gloves are rugged but comfortable gloves made from leather and lined with Kevlar for abrasion resistance and cut protection.


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