Burn / Exit Go-Bag Kit

Burn / Exit Go-Bag Kit /// Tradecraft [trdcrft]A minimal and mobile prepacked and ready-to-go loadout for sector extrication in the event of compromised operational security or evasion utility.


        [ 0011820 ]         GEAR

        Escape and Evasion Kit

Escape and Evasion Kit /// Tradecraft TrdcrftEscape and evasion from hostage seizers or unlawful detainment. To get free from forced restraints and continued survival after the fact.


        [ 0111319 ]         GEAR, SURVIVAL

        Active SERE Kit Method: Static

Active SERE Kit Method: Static /// Tradecraft Trdcrft An active SERE kit differs from any other survival or task kit in that it must be concealed on your person ready for deployment, not unloading.


        [ 0111219 ]         GEAR

        Stealth SERE Kit V2

Stealth SERE Kit V2 /// Tradecraft TrdcrftResponse blade, carbide rod saw, diamond rod saw, Kevlar cord saw, polymer handcuff key, titanium Bogotas, garrote and shim pick saw.


        [ 0111119 ]         GEAR, TRADECRAFT

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