Tactician vs. Strategist

Tactician vs. Strategist Chess Wallpaper /// Tradecraft [trdcrft]A tactician responds, a strategist devises. A tactician wins battles, a strategist wins wars. But wars can not be won without winning battles.


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        Who You Should Vote For

2020 Presidential Election Absentee Ballot /// Tradecraft [trdcrft]When deciding who you want to be your leader, the person that will affect your way of life and country’s way of being, consider basic social tradecraft:


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        Seduction Tactics: Signals

Seduction Tactics and Techniques of Tradecraft /// Blue EyesThe art of seduction intel series. Singularly specific tactics on how to seduce targets for both tradecraft and romantic endgames.   –view the skillset


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        The Psychopath Operative

The Psychopathic Operative /// Tradecraft [trdcrft]Covert operatives with psychopathic disorders tend to be unstable but are exceedingly skilled tacticians – tactically unbound and uninhibited.


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        Direct Social Engineering Tactics

Direct Social Engineering Tactics /// Tradecraft Trdcrft This is a tradecraft guide on in-person social engineering tactics to be a more strategic and effective interpersonal operator in the field.


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