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        [QNA]   Lifetime Memberships

Tradecraft Question and Answer /// Trdcrft“Instead of renewing a PRO membership with TRDCRFT every year and paying annually, can I sign up for or upgrade to a lifetime account instead?”


        [ 0041621 ]         TRADECRAFT

        [QNA]   Blending in to Places Where it’s Racially Impossible

Tradecraft Question and Answer /// Trdcrft“How would I, a 6’2 white male with blonde hair, blend in an Asian or black country? Since standard urban camouflage tactics won’t apply.”


        [ 009220 ]         LIFESTYLE, TRADECRAFT

        [QNA]   Procuring Firearms as a Foreigner Abroad

Tradecraft Question and Answer /// Trdcrft“I’m a combat vet and current firearms instructor but ready to move to South East Asia as a nomad. In your experience, how would you get a gun?”


        [ 0121219 ]         GEAR

        [QNA]   Most Effective Defense Tool For Non-Permissive Environments

Tradecraft Question and Answer /// Trdcrft“What do you recommend as the most effective defense weapon I can carry in non-permissive environments like airports and government buildings?”


        [ 012119 ]         GEAR, TACTICAL

        [QNA]   Bypassing Metal Detectors and Body Scanners

Tradecraft Question and Answer /// Trdcrft“Is it possible to get something small like a folding knife, multi-tool or device through metal detectors and body scanners, if so how?”


        [ 0112019 ]         GEAR

        [QNA]   Airplane Carry-On Permissive Weapons

Tradecraft Question and Answer /// Trdcrft“What legitimately legal but still effective as defensive / combat tool “weapons” do you recommend that are TSA compliant for carry-on?”


        [ 0111319 ]         GEAR

        [QNA]   Street Cash Carry Method

Tradecraft Question and Answer /// Trdcrft“Without using wallets or money clips, how do you securely carry your street cash / daily spending money around as a part of your everyday carry?”


        [ 0111319 ]         LIFESTYLE

        [QNA]   Acquiring Burner Phones

Tradecraft Question and Answer /// Trdcrft“Being completely anonymous and untraceable, what is the operative way of acquiring burner phones from the streets and on the fly?”


        [ 0111319 ]         GEAR, LIFESTYLE

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