Hidden Camera Detector

Hidden Camera Detector Device /// Tradecraft Gear    [BUY]     A handheld device that effectively detects hidden cameras – whether the camera is on or off, recording or not. Operates with your eyes through the viewfinder.


        [ 002820 ]         GEAR

        Active SERE Kit Method: Cuffs

Active SERE Kit Method: Cuffs // Triple Aught Design Ronin XT Jacket /// Tradecraft [trdcrft]Dynamic escape tool kit integration into jacket sleeve cuffs for search / scan resistant concealment and seamless access / deployment.


        [ 001820 ]         GEAR, SURVIVAL

        Mic-Lock Device

Mic-Lock /// Tradecraft Gear    [BUY]     The Mic-Lock is an anti-spying tool that blocks the audio input of most devices that take 3.5mm jacks, to prevent hackers / intruders from listening.


        [ 012619 ]         GEAR

        ID Inhibitor Traction Coating

Custom Karambite ID Inhibitor Traction Coating /// Tradecraft TrdcrftA proprietary compound that greatly enhances grip and nullifies fingerprints + DNA for handheld gear; firearms, knives, torches etc.


        [ 0111119 ]         GEAR, TACTICAL

        Special Circumstance and Improvisational Weaponology

Special Circumstance and Improvisational Weaponology EDC /// Tradecraft TrdcrftSCIW is the exercise of utilizing and executing unconventional means of weaponry in both the execution / purpose and equipment used.


        [ 0111119 ]         GEAR, TACTICAL

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