A diversion safe is a type of security container that is designed to look like a common household item to be placed in inconspicuous location.

Diversion safes are often used to hide items such as cash, jewelry, firearms or important documents. They are typically made from ordinary household items that belong where they are and where they are found – just normal things in normal places for normal reasons. This makes them difficult to spot, even for someone who knows what they are looking for. While diversion safes can be purchased online or at many retail stores, they can also be easily made at home with a few common household items. These are some well made ones that you can buy.

Electrical Outlet Diversion Safe

Wall Clock Diversion Safe

Canned Food Diversion Safe

Flower Pot Diversion Safe

Clothes Hanger Diversion Safe

Bible Book Diversion Safe

Shaving Cream Diversion Safe

The purpose of a diversion safe is to provide a hiding place for valuables that is not easily detectable by would-be thieves. By blending in with other items in a room, a diversion safe can help to protect your belongings from theft or vandalism. In addition, diversion safes can also be used to store emergency supplies such as cash, first-aid kits, or flashlights. Whether you are looking for a way to secure your valuables or preparing for an emergency, a diversion safe can be an invaluable tool.