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SPN /// Tradecraft Kit

        Vollebak 100 Year Sweatpants

Vollebak 100 Year Sweatpants /// Tradecraft Gear     [BUY]     The Vollebak 100 Year Sweatpants is an abrasion / water / fire resistant pant made for literally any activity and environment while being supremely comfortable.


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        DMOS Delta Shovel

DMOS Delta Shovel /// Tradecraft Kit     [BUY]     The DMOS Delta Shovel is a high-end and ruggedized collapsible folding shovel with multiple functions. Capable of lifting 1000 lbs. yet designed for carry mobility.


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        Sniper OBS Folder

Sniper OBS Observation Folder /// Tradecraft Kit     [BUY]     The Sniper OBS Folder is an upgraded version of the standard observation board folder equipped in the field by snipers and surveillance operatives.


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        Multitasker NANO Tool

Multitasker Nano Tool /// Tradecraft Kit     [BUY]     The Multitasker NANO Tool is a hyper minimal one piece multi-tool specifically designed for field adjustments of carbine firearm rifle optics.


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        Diamond Age NeoSteel Helmet

Diamond Age NeoSteel Helmet /// Tradecraft Gear    [BUY]     The Diamond Age NeoSteel Helmet is considered the world’s toughest ballistic combat helmet, adaptable with full face protection.


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        Haley Strategic Anything Hook

Haley Strategic Anything Hook /// Tradecraft Gear    [BUY]     The Haley Strategic Anything Hook is a uniquely versatile type of carabiner device that attaches to belts / chest rigs in a flat method to utilize frequently used items.


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        Tradecraft Gear For Sale

Tradecraft Gear For Sale /// [trdcrft]The following equipment and kits have been or were intended for the field by members of certain intelligence, security and private (PMC) military agencies.


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        Police Barricade Tape

Police Barricade Tape /// Tradecraft Kit     [BUY]     Police Barricade Tape is a common extended loadout item of law enforcement and operators for security, misdirection, blockades and proximity declarations.


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