SPN /// Tradecraft Kit

        The Passive Scanning Method

Passive Scanning Tradecraft at an Airport /// [trdcrft]A tradecraft approach to perceiving and analyzing the immediate environment around you on a passive scale for security, defense and offense.


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        Detecting Deception: Asymmetry

Enacting Deception Shadow Figure /// Tradecraft [trdcrft]This is a series of intel about the specific methods of enacting deception; how to lie and deceive for strategic applications as per operatives in the field.


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        [VIDEO]   Airport Security FPV Checkpoint

Tradecraft Video: Covert FPV TSA Airport Security Screening Check /// [trdcrft]A covertly filmed first person view (POV) walk-through of a security checkpoint screening at an airport with sleight of hand and non-permissive items.


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        Street Level Haggling Technique

Street Haggling Technique in Beijing, China /// Tradecraft Trdcrft The art of haggling is a most useful skill to master for necessity and practicality for both casual and professional street engagements.


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        *Black Friday* Membership Sale

Black Friday Membership Sale /// TrdcrftLifetime and yearly membership accounts are x percent off from now to Black Friday and through Cyber Monday with the coupon code: “X87CRW8MA


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        Unredacted [Tradecraft] Intel*

Redacted Document /// Tradecraft [trdcrft]Site notification: The content on [trdcrft] is redacted to non-members, but some of it is partially or entirely unredacted for the general public – VIEW »



        The ‘Exploitation of The Vulnerable’ Method

Spies at Brookfield Place in Toronto, Canada /// Tradecraft [trdcrft] A standard method of recruiting spies to turn against their interests to act in yours or passively compelling any person to do your bidding.


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        Situational Awareness and Fear

Dark Alleyway in a Slum in Manila Philippines /// Tradecraft [trdcrft]Fear is necessary. Even useful when utilized strategically. Such as the activation or reaction of fear into situational awareness – for survival, defense or combat.


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