How to Escape From Any Room

Escaping From Any Room - Reading Prison, England | Tradecraft trdcrftAn essential methodology guide on how to exit and escape from almost any interior room or enclosed structure, particularly in urban settings.


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        Predator Criminology Foraging

Predator Criminology Foraging - Dangerous Man in Hoodie | tradecraft trdcrftA behavioral theory of how human predators operate and interact with their surroundings to guide us with dynamic risk-assessment on the streets.


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        detcadeR = Redacted

detcadeR Redacted banner We have launched [detcadeR], a spinoff of [tradecraft] which is resistant to prohibitive content regulations (“censorship”) and editorial constraints.



        Improvised Door Peephole Smartphone Security Hack

 Improvised Door Peephole Smartphone Security Hack /// Tradecraft TrdcrftA DIY viewpoint applied to doors for dynamic surveillance of the direct exterior and the security of the interior while occupied in insecure rooms (e.g., hotels).


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        Covert Public Communication via Theatrical Misdirection

Galata Bridge in Istanbul, Turkey /// Tradecraft TrdcrftCertain measures must be taken for public face-to-face communication with an asset or associate that require complete irrelativity to each other.


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        Tactical Stealth Cognizance

The Tactical Art of Stealth Cognizance Techwear /// Tradecraft TrdcrftThe cognitive strategy of underplaying your perceived level of understanding and awareness to heighten your position against opponents.


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        Police Comms ’10-Codes’

Police 10 Codes Brevity Codes in TradecraftAs a law enforcement officer, a covert operative or a vigilant civilian, it’s strategic to have at least a basic understanding of these police brevity codes.


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        Interrogation Methodology Baseline

Interrogation Room Methodology /// Tradecraft [trdcrft]The function of interrogation is to extract accurate information from a subject and is best done with this baseline, not coercion or “enhanced” tactics.


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