Interrogation Methodology Baseline

Interrogation Room Methodology /// Tradecraft [trdcrft]The function of interrogation is to extract accurate information from a subject and is best done with this baseline, not coercion or “enhanced” tactics.


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        Reading People: The Leg Crossing

Tactics of Reading People /// Tradecraft [trdcrft]Intel series of reading people through verbal cues, facial tics and body language to measure their intentions, emotions and perceptions.   –view the list


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        Physical Signs of Attraction

Signs of Physical Attraction Seduction in TradecraftDeciphering body language and facial tics that are tells of attraction to better and more strategically engage and respond to your targets.


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        Active Situational Awareness

Active Situational Awareness in Giza, Egypt /// Tradecraft TrdcrftA tradecraft mindset of near subconscious perception of physical scenarios as well as the variable circumstances within the space you’re in.


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        Covert Manipulative Tactics

Covert Manipulative Tactics /// Tradecraft [trdcrft]The purpose, strategy and methods of interpersonal / social covert manipulation, as well as how to recognize, counter and combat it.


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        Pickpocket Technique Guide

Pickpocket Technique Guide /// Tradecraft [trdcrft] The strategy, tactic, psychology and technique guide on the craft of the professional pickpocket to use as a part of a tradecraft strategy or a defensive one.


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        The ‘Deceiver’s Bite’ Method

The ‘Deceiver’s Bite’ Method /// Tradecraft TrdcrftA quick countering action to conceal signs of deception, fear and distress, as well as to suppress emotional responses and telling facial tics.


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        Fading Covers: The “Hard Hat”

This is a series of intel regarding the various types of ‘fading covers’ (e.g. shift disguises, temporary identities) for access, security and to blend in.


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