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Det V Cader Covert Operative in a Jet Tradecraft Spycraft via tdcrft r

Covert Operative Det V Cader Tradecraft Skills Training in Bangkok with Urban Survival /// [trdcrft]

[ Tradecraft Tactics Lifestyle ]
Urban Survival Guide
Modus Vivendi Spycraft

    The [trdcrft] site is focus on a more decisive state of mind and being. By the deliberate practice and strategic application of tacticalism, nomadism, minimalism, adventurism and urban survivalism to everyday life – the covert operative lifestyle method. The tactician and strategist living / working guide, life hacking and operational manual .

    :: cipher +-       68m   79b   37h   71a   02f   69p

“You can’t change the world, but you
can change the world around you.”

– Det V Cader

Det V Cader in Budapest via Motorcycle /// Tradecraft

    * Tradecraft >>       A dynamic guideline of techniques and proficiency measures as well as relevant equipment and human resources.

Developed or adapted for use in the dexterity of intelligence operations and functionality. A tactician and strategist approach to planning, control, performance and execution.

A mindset directive of operating just as effective when utilized in everyday life.

Tradecraft and Spycraft Techniques PDF in Prague, Czech Republic ///

The lifestyle tactician guide to operate deliberately with strategy and purpose, precision and preparedness, in a more engaged, optimized and adaptable way of life and professional direction with intelligence craft concepts, active urban survival guide directives and special forces military training.

Et ratio est dux in spycraft viventium.

***Existing intel is constantly revised, extended and developed over time. When this occurs, the updated intel will be republished to the front of the archives.

Tactical and Survival Spycraft Strategies in Kathmandu ///

Det V Cader on the Streets of Kathmandu, Nepal Poster /// Tradecraft [trdcrft]

• The founder and editor of [trdcrft] is Det V Cader, a former covert operative of an undisclosed agency and current contractor of various private entities.

• [trdcrft] dot com is a private membership website that requires login credentials to access its intel. Various memberships with full site access can be registered here. The fee will vary over time.



• [trdcrft] is not affiliated with the CIA, SAS, Mossad, NIS, DGSE, FBI, MI6, NSA, CSIS, BND, SVR or any government, intelligence, military or private entity.

• This site is owned and operated via [679 274].

Abandoned Airplane in Bali, Indonesia Urban Exploration Det V Cader /// Tradecraft [trdcrft]

    // Tradecraft :: trād-ˌkraft //      

Less formally referred to as “spycraft”, it’s the methodologies and philosophies of engaging in clandestine operations and general espionage.

The skillsets, techniques, training directives and mindsets associated with the trade are designed to optimize mission objective parameters, operational cohesion and personnel capability / viability.

With strategic implementation, tradecraft can be applied to augment any other profession or standardized into everyday “normal” lifestyles.

Incorporating the applicable ways of the covert operative to your own ways of operating.

Effectively modernized urban survival tactics.

Muslim Fishing Village in Battambang, Cambodia /// Spycraft and Urban Survival [trdcrft]

If combat must to be the way, make sure there’s no other way.

Survival for any purpose in any situation comes down to a simple equation: survival = adaptation.

If you don’t like something, change something.

Spycraft is just life hacking and productivity tactics applied in the field.

In the eyes of an operative you shall see, the world as it is and could be.

A sharp mind is sometimes only as useful as your current state of physical sharpness.

DIY or die.

Seduction is almost entirely listening.

If you are weak without a weapon, then you are weak.

Tradecraft Meaning in a Penang Jungle, Malaysia /// Det V Cader Trdcrft

Early is on time, on time is late and late is death.

With tradecraft, impossible can be scaled down to improbable, then with action it can become possible.

Speed is vital, precision is final.

If you really want to live, you can’t be afraid to die.

Stillness is vulnerability, silence is security, stealth is invulnerability.

If it can move, it can be stopped and if it’s alive, it can be killed.

When in combat or chaos, be smart now and emotional later.

Longevity without substance is meaningless continuity.

Covert Operative in Taipei ///

    [This website does not pertain to how to become a covert operator, intelligence agent or clandestine operative – including but not limited to engaging in espionage (spycraft) or any type of government sanctioned or sponsored covert operation.]

    [Instead using those skillsets and training directives (tradecraft definition) to shape a more deliberate lifestyle with applied urban survival.]

    [By using the information and opinions provided by this site, you agree to use its content at your own risk. [trdcrft] assumes no responsibility or liability from any potential damages incurred – legal or otherwise.]

Tradecraft and Spycraft in Hanoi, Vietnam as a Covert Operative via Urban Survival Guide ///

Stealth Armor Backpack for Urban Survival and Street Warfare /// [trdcrft]

Det V Cader, Covert Operator in The Amazon Jungle /// [trdcrft]

Tradecraft Type 6 EDC Kit Det V Cader /// [trdcrft]

Situational Awareness Training and Urban Survival Guide in Hanoi, Vietnam via URBEX /// Spycraft [KGB]

Triple Aught Design FAST Pack Scout VX on Train Tracks in Hanoi, Vietnam. Urban Survival Guide For Covert Operatives in Hanoi, Vietnam /// Tradecraft Trdcrft

Tradecraft Gear: Sig Sauer P320 Duo Guns Firearms /// Trdcrft

Det V Cader CQC POV Covert Operative EDC Microtech Halo 6 and ASP Baton Tradecraft of trdcrft

// Urban Survival //

A crucial component of the tradecraft and spycraft skillset is general survival; emotional conditioning, intellectual reinforcing, wilderness adapting and “street” strategizing aka urban survivalism.

As with wilderness survival, the immediate environment and available resources within reach is utilized for optimal purposing on the streets.

The streets is the jungle, the jungle is the streets.

However, the human element is the differing dynamic. Animals are relatively predictable, driven by instinct. Whereas engaging people is a craft in itself.

Det V Cader Covert Operative on a Boat on The Mekong Delta in Vietnam /// [trdcrft]

// Covert Operative //

An agent, asset, soldier, spy or any type of operator functioning in a clandestine capacity to achieve a certain goal for themselves or a group.

The nature and necessities of such a profession requires a more deliberate analytical focus as well as a higher form of both situational and self awareness. That is the essence of the tradecraft method.

The covert operative integrates that craft along with casual, technical and advanced urban survival methods in not just work but also lifestyle.

A person need not be such a professional to enhance or optimize their own being and way of life.

Det V Cader Riding in a tuk-tuk taxi in Siem Reap Cambodia /// Spycraft and Tradecraft

    [Any seemingly specific details similar to CIA, KGB or MI6 reports is purely coincidental but is intentionally altered / misdirected if relevant or related.]

    [Details regarding any military or covert operation throughout this site have been redacted accordingly with altered names, dates, locations and objectives – the narratives however, remain mostly intact.]

    [This refers to and is in compliance with notice #637BAU of the US Department of Defense.]

    [Contact the Central Intelligence Agency directly or anonymously via the darknet for official matters beyond the purview of this site.]

Covert Operative Intelligence Training in Malaysia Det V Cader Founder of Trdcrft

*All data transmitted directly from this site is encrypted through a secure HTTPS connection.

((DST Root CA X3 :: Let’s Encrypt Authority X3))

**Security and privacy is paramount to the Tradecraft core ideology and therefore to its members. That means no personal and contact data (names, emails etc.) is ever shared, rented or sold.

***The only cookies enabled on this site are Google Analytics, Pinterest and Amazon Associates. No social trackers (e.g., Facebook) are present.

****Sensitive data (financials, addresses etc.) is securely collected off site with Stripe. This type of data is never stored with [trdcrft].

Urban Survival Spycraft in Amsterdam, Netherlands /// Det V Cader

Стратегия образа жизни шпионской тактики и городского выживания. La estrategia de estilo de vida de las tácticas de espionaje y la supervivencia urbana. استراتيجية نمط الحياة من أساليب التجسس والبقاء على قيد الحياة في المناطق الحضرية. De levensstijlstrategie van spionagetactiek en stedelijke overleving. スパイ活動やミッションの戦術や指示を超えて、通常の生活活動にスパイスキルを使用する。Applying CIA covert operative tradecraft and MI6 spycraft for normal life activities, beyond the tactical and intelligence directives of espionage and special operations to urban survival. 间谍策略和城市生存的生活方式策略。Strategie životního stylu špionážní taktiky a přežití v městech. जासूसी रणनीति और शहरी अस्तित्व की जीवन शैली की रणनीति।. Utiliser des compétences d’espionnage comme compétences de vie. La stratégie de style de vie de la tactique d’espionnage et de la survie urbaine.

Tactical Spycraft and Urban Survival Training at Time Square, New York City /// Tradecraft [trdcrft]

กลยุทธ์การดำเนินชีวิตของสายลับและการอยู่รอดในเมือง. La strategia di stile di vita delle tattiche spia e della sopravvivenza urbana. El estilo de vida de las habilidades de espionaje. Использование шпионских навыков КГБ для нормальной жизнедеятельности, помимо тактических указаний и шпионских заданий. Lifestyle strategy of tradecraft definition, spycraft and urban survival guide. مهارات تجسس نمط الحياة. Die Lifestyle-Strategie der Spionagetaktik und des urbanen Überlebens. スパイ戦術と都市の生存のライフスタイル戦略. Mode de vie des compétences d’espionnage. La strategia di stile di vita delle tattiche spia e della sopravvivenza urbana. Type bravo tradecraft PDF release code: 94tr 72ev. 스파이 전술과 도시 생존의 라이프 스타일 전략. Effectively using spy skills as life skills. Образ жизни шпионских навыков. Livsstilsstrategin för spionaktik och stadsöverlevnad. استراتژی سبک زندگی تعریف تجارت و بقا شهری.

Urban Survival and Covert Operative Tradecraft Techniques in Ninh Bình, Vietnam /// Det V Cader

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    // Cryptography Game //       This entire site (including this page) is embedded with codes and ciphers that reveal certain prizes and rewards when solved.

For non-members, complimentary lifetime memberships are rewarded. For logged in members, prizes include the exact coordinates of tradecraft go-bag kits [i] that are hidden around the world and access to trace units of cryptocurrency.

Site memberships will be rewarded with no limit but prizes are limited to supply. Some codes and ciphers are obvious, most are not and some are as intel.

Code Hint Key Phrase : “If number six rotating is the effect of spycraft training, then number eleven fixed is the affect of covert operative taming.”

Cave at Green Bowl Beach in Bali Indonesia /// Det V Cader The Covert Operative

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Det V Cader in the Syrian Desert, Syria /// Spycraft

Cypher sequential prime optics in order of placement on this page; Det V Cader @ Moscow, Bangkok, Budapest, Prague, Kathmandu x2, Bali, Battambang, Undisclosed, Taipei, Hanoi, Beirut, Amazon Jungle, Langley, Mekong Delta, Siem Reap, Penang, Amsterdam, New York City, Ninh Bình, Bali and the Syrian Desert.

Tradecraft Gear SERE Kit EDC /// trdcrft

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