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Tradecraft /// Vinjatek in a Jet

Tradecraft Methodology
+ Covert Operative Lifestyle

    The [trdcrft] site is focus on a more decisive state of mind and being. By the deliberate and strategic application of tacticalism, nomadism, minimalism, survivalism and adventurism to everyday life.

    * Tradecraft >>       A dynamic guideline of techniques and proficiency measures as well as relevant equipment and human resources. Developed or adapted for use in the dexterity of intelligence operations and functionality.

To operate deliberately with strategy and purpose, precision and preparedness, in a more engaged and adaptable way of life and professional status.

Tradecraft POV EDC ///

Tradecraft in Hanoi, Vietnam ///

•The founder and editor of [trdcrft] is Det Cader, a former covert operative of an undisclosed agency and current contractor of various private entities.

•Additonal authors of the content of this site include an NSA analyst, CIA operative and a US Marine.

•[trdcrft] is not affiliated with the CIA, SAS, Mossad, NIS, DGSE, FBI, MI6, NSA, CSIS, BND, SVR or any government, intelligence, military or private entity.

•This site is owned and operated by [679274].

Tactical and Survival Strategies in Kathmandu ///

    [This website does not pertain to how to become a covert operator, intelligence agent or clandestine operative – including but not limited to engaging in espionage or any type of sanctioned covert operation. Instead using those skillsets and training directives (tradecraft definition) to shape a more deliberate lifestyle with applied urban survival tactics.]

    [Details regarding any military or covert operation throughout this site have been redacted accordingly with altered names, dates, locations and objectives – the narratives however, remain mostly intact.]

    [By using the information and opinions provided by this site, you agree to use its content at your own risk. [trdcrft] assumes no responsibility or liability from any potential damages incurred – legal or otherwise.]

Tradecraft Exploring in Kathmandu, Nepal ///

Стратегия образа жизни шпионской тактики и городского выживания. La estrategia de estilo de vida de las tácticas de espionaje y la supervivencia urbana. استراتيجية نمط الحياة من أساليب التجسس والبقاء على قيد الحياة في المناطق الحضرية. De levensstijlstrategie van spionagetactiek en stedelijke overleving. 间谍策略和城市生存的生活方式策略。Strategie životního stylu špionážní taktiky a přežití v městech. La stratégie de style de vie de la tactique d’espionnage et de la survie urbaine. जासूसी रणनीति और शहरी अस्तित्व की जीवन शैली की रणनीति।. กลยุทธ์การดำเนินชีวิตของสายลับและการอยู่รอดในเมือง. The lifestyle strategy of tradecraft definition and urban survival. Die Lifestyle-Strategie der Spionagetaktik und des urbanen Überlebens. スパイ戦術と都市の生存のライフスタイル戦略. La strategia di stile di vita delle tattiche spia e della sopravvivenza urbana. 스파이 전술과 도시 생존의 라이프 스타일 전략. Livsstilsstrategin för spionaktik och stadsöverlevnad.

Covert Operative in Taipei ///

*[trdcrft] dot com is a private membership website that requires login credentials to access its intel.

**Lifetime memberships with full site access can be registered here. The fee will increase over time as more intel is accumulated to the database.

***Security and privacy is paramount to the Tradecraft core ideology and therefore to its members. That means no personal and contact data (names, emails etc.) is ever shared, rented or sold.

****Sensitive data (financials, addresses etc.) is securely collected off site with Stripe.

Det Cader Tradecraft Skills Training in Bangkok /// [trdcrft]

Affiliate Disclosure: Some of the tradecraft gear and services (external links e.g., Amazon) on this site are monetized. Of which we may earn a commission for sales incurred, at no additional cost to the user.

GDPR Notice: This site uses cookies from approved third-parties to collect and analyse data to enhance user experience and customize content.

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