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        Amabilis Stealth Black Duffel

Amabilis Stealth Black Duffel /// Tradecraft Gear    [BUY]     The Amabilis Stealth Black is an advanced ruggedized duffel bag designed for tactical and military utility, but also optimal for everyday life.


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        Improvised Weaponology: Objects of Carry

Improvised Weaponology - Tactical Pen - Tradecraft TRDCRFTAnything of mass and relative handheld manageability can be used as a weaponized tool, including the ordinary and innocuous objects we carry.


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        Princeton Tec Switch MPLS

Princeton Tec Switch MPLS LED Task Light - Tradecraft Gear 7     [BUY]     The Princeton Tec Switch MPLS is an operationally tactical and personally practical flashlight with universal mounting and function capabilities.


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        Anonymous Tradecraft Accounts

Anonymity Man in Hood Tradecraft TRDCRFTThis is a guide on how to register for an OPSEC compliant and completely anonymous VIP lifetime membership account with TRDCRFT.


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