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        The Art of Fighting Drunk

How to Fight Drunk at a Bar | Tradecraft trdcrftA guide on how to fight drunk. Theory, methodology, training, application and the art of intoxicated close quarters combat and defense.


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        The Disparity of Force

The Disparity of Force - Man Holding a Knife in a Dark Street | detcadeRThe concept of disparity of force methodology affects our deadly force decision-making strategies in close quarters combat engagements.


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        detcadeR = Redacted

detcadeR Redacted banner We have launched [detcadeR], a spinoff of [tradecraft] which is resistant to prohibitive content regulations (“censorship”) and editorial constraints.



        The Self-Defense Decision Tree

The Self-Defense Decision Tree - Tradecraft TRDCRFTAttacks are made by choice out of desire (gain), self-defense is made by force out of necessity (survival). This strategy is the way to engage decisively.


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        Vehicular Tradecraft Enhancements: Brake Lights Hack

Tactical DIY Vehicular Enhancements /// Tradecraft [trdcrft]A series of intel about DIY / improvised vehicle upgrades and modifications to optimize otherwise regular automobiles for tactical driving.


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        Close Quarters Combat Training Beyond Your Comfort Zone

CQC Knife Training Beyond Your Comfort Zone TradecraftCQC skills develop into defined skillsets through practice and execution but this also creates a combat comfort zone of which you must never settle with.


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        Improvised Weaponology: Objects of Carry

Improvised Weaponology - Tactical Pen - Tradecraft TRDCRFTAnything of mass and relative handheld manageability can be used as a weaponized tool, including the ordinary and innocuous objects we carry.


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        The Canine Tactical System

Tactical Doberman Pinscher Defense Dog /// Tradecraft [trdcrft]Part best friend, part body guard, part sentry monitor and part brother-in-arms. Dogs have the potential to be the ultimate security integration.


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