The Tradecraft Group

[TRDCRFT] is a lifestyle method guide based on the concepts and strategies of the modern covert operative; CIA, MI6 and Special Operations forces.

This site is operated by a group of former intelligence agency, security service and military professionals to provide direction for a more strategic and focused life from the ideals and lessons learned as tacticalists, survivalists and intel analysts.

• The founder and editor of TRDCRFT is  a former covert operative of an undisclosed agency and current contractor of various private entities.

• TRDCRFT dot com is a private membership website that requires login credentials to access its intel. Various memberships with full site access can be registered here. The fee will vary over time.

• TRDCRFT is not affiliated with the CIA, SAS, Mossad, NIS, DGSE, FBI, MI6, NSA, CSIS, BND, SVR or any government, intelligence, military or private entity.

[Any seemingly specific details similar to CIA, KGB, MI6 or any individual covert operative reports is purely coincidental but is intentionally altered / misdirected if relevant or related.]

[Details regarding any military or covert operation throughout this site have been redacted accordingly with altered names, dates, locations and objectives – the narratives however, remain mostly intact.]

 Skillset, lifestyle and professional tactics + concepts of the CIA, Mossad, MI6, VDR and US Special Operations Forces. The TRDCRFT site is focus on a more decisive state of mind and being. By the deliberate practice and strategic application of tacticalism, nomadism, minimalism, adventurism and urban survivalism to everyday life – the directive covert agent lifestyle methodology.

*Tradecraft is a dynamic guideline of techniques and proficiency measures as well as relevant equipment and human resources. Developed or adapted for use in the dexterity of intelligence operations and functionality. A tactician and strategist approach to planning, control, performance and execution. A mindset directive of operating just as effective when utilized in everyday life. Also known as the CIA training method. The operative lifestyle guide to operate deliberately with strategy and purpose, precision and preparedness, in a more engaged, optimized and adaptable way of life and professional direction with intelligence craft concepts, active urban survival guide directives and special forces military training.

    // Tradecraft :: trād-ˌkraft // Less formally referred to as “spycraft”, it’s the methodologies and philosophies of engaging in clandestine operations and general espionage.The skillsets, techniques, CIA training directives and mindsets associated with the trade are designed to optimize mission objective parameters, operational cohesion and personnel capability / viability.

By using the information and opinions provided by this site, you agree to use its content at your own risk. TRDCRFT assumes no responsibility or liability from any potential damages incurred – legal or otherwise.