How to be Street Smart: Guide

How to Be Street Smart on The Streets of Prague, Czech Republic /// Tradecraft TrdcrftA tradecraft guide on how to be street smart for foreign and domestic urban scenarios. Skills per operatives, civilians, nomads and urban survivalists.


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        EMP Attack Survival Guide: Part 1

EMP Attack Survival Guide New York City Blackout | Tradecraft trdcrftThis is part 1 of 2 in a survival guide series of experiencing and surviving a deliberately executed EMP attack and living through the aftermath.


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        [STRTSMRT]   “Look like a mugger to avoid being mugged…

Street Smarts in Prague, Czech Republic | detcadeR TradecraftConcise, highly specific intel posts about practical street smart skills, concepts and methods in the form of proverbs and tips.   –view the list


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        detcadeR = Redacted

detcadeR Redacted banner We have launched [detcadeR], a spinoff of [tradecraft] which is resistant to prohibitive content regulations (“censorship”) and editorial constraints.



        A Covert Operative’s New Year’s Resolution 2022

New Year’s Eve in Time Square, New York in a Helicopter /// Tradecraft TrdcrftWorking OPS with tight budgets while living like a monk forced me to master frugality throughout the years, but living in Bali through the pandemic…


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        Covert Public Communication via Theatrical Misdirection

Galata Bridge in Istanbul, Turkey /// Tradecraft TrdcrftCertain measures must be taken for public face-to-face communication with an asset or associate that require complete irrelativity to each other.


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        Seduction Tactics: Guardian

Seduction Tactics and Techniques of Tradecraft /// Blue EyesThe art of seduction intel series. Singularly specific tactics on how to seduce targets for both tradecraft and romantic endgames.   –view the skillset


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