The tradecraft primer guide to faking your own death and the initial steps to start a new life; from preparation to execution to reinvention and to long-term considerations.

Faking your own death to start a new life is a drastic step, laden with risks and complexities. It’s not for the faint-hearted and demands meticulous planning, flawless execution, and an ironclad cover story.

Successfully faking your own death has significant benefits, including complete liberation from past burdens such as debts, legal issues, dangerous associations or being a burned operative. It provides a rare chance to start afresh, allowing you to rebuild your life with a clean slate and reinvent your identity without the baggage of your former self.

It’s unparalleled freedom and anonymity, enabling you to evade persistent threats or unwanted attention, granting you an escape from untenable situations and the opportunity to create a new life on your own terms.


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Faking your own death is a high-stakes endeavor requiring exceptional tradecraft. The risk of failure is significant, with legal and personal repercussions. If considering this, weigh the consequences and think through every step meticulously.

This guide is purely hypothetical and not a recommendation. If you find yourself in a dire situation, seek legal advice and consider less extreme alternatives.

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