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detcadeR Redacted banner We have launched [detcadeR], a spinoff of [tradecraft] which is resistant to prohibitive content regulations (“censorship”) and editorial constraints.



        The Monero Whitepaper

Monero XMR Mining Ryzen AMD | Tradecraft trdcrftOriginally named “CryptoNote v 2.0”, Monero XMR is the de facto privacy cryptocurrency. Exceedingly secure, definitively anonymous and fungible.


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        *Bitcoin Scavenger Hunt

Bitcoin BTC Crypto in a Cake Wallet with iPhone - Tradecraft TRDCRFTThis is a giveaway for the private keys to a wallet with 1,000,000 Satoshi (.01 BTC) via a scavenger hunt, with this site being the hunting ground.


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        Anonymous Tradecraft Accounts

Anonymity Man in Hood Tradecraft TRDCRFTThis is a guide on how to register for an OPSEC compliant and completely anonymous VIP lifetime membership account with TRDCRFT.


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        Anonymous Email Accounts: Guide

Anonymous Email Account Guide /// Tradecraft [trdcrft]Tradecraft guide on setting up and using untrackable, nameless, secure and completely anonymous email accounts for operational / personal security.


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        Hushed App

Hushed App /// Tradecraft Tech     [BUY]     The Hushed App is an iOS / Android application that gives the phone an additional phone number to protect your actual number with privacy and anonymity features.


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