Deleting Your Online Presence

Deleting Your Online Presence /// Tradecraft [trdcrft]Without illicit measures, completely deleting yourself from the internet is impossible, this is the method of scrubbing as much as possible.


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        Actual Urban Camouflage

Streets of Prague, Czech Republic /// Tradecraft TrdcrftActual urban camouflage isn’t about blending into the physical city around you but to appear as if you’re from and or belong there like a local or resident.


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        The Gray Man Paradox

Gray Man in Berlin, Germany /// Tradecraft Trdcrft The gray man survivalist concept has an inherent flaw in theory and practice: the gray factor – misguided blending tactics with contrary effects.


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        Darknet Intel Guide

The Darknet Spider Web /// Tradecraft TrdcrftThe darknet is the hidden, covert and shadowed part of the deep web. A wide-ranging resource trove for specialists and operators.


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        Traceless / Faceless Directive

Lideco Hanoi Ghost Town in Vietnam /// Tradecraft Trdcrft A fundamental operational sub-directive of developing and maintaining a clandestine post-presence, adapted into a default habitual mentality.


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        [QNA]   Acquiring Burner Phones

Tradecraft Question and Answer /// Trdcrft“Being completely anonymous and untraceable, what is the operative way of acquiring burner phones from the streets and on the fly?”


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        Backstopped Cover Identities

Backstopped Cover Identities /// Tradecraft TrdcrftA type of cover for clandestine professionals to operate undiscovered, supported enough to withstand intense and or long-term scrutiny.


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        NordVPN Network Access

NordVPN Network Access /// Tradecraft Gear    [BUY]     NordVPN is the fastest virtual private network service provider that securely anonymizes and protects your online use and digital presence.


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