The Rapid Rope is a new type of rope that packs and rolls extremely compact in a flat way for superb portability and packability, without sacrificing strength while cleverly contained for fast deployment.

+ 120 Feet of Rope Included

+ Integrated Rope Cutter

+ Total Weight: 14.5 oz.

+ Fully American Made

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For those unfamiliar with the Rapid Rope Canister, allow me to introduce you to this unique and incredibly versatile piece of gear that has revolutionized the game for survivalists, the military, and covert operatives alike. This ingenious product first made its debut on the entrepreneurial reality show, “Shark Tank,” where it managed to captivate the sharks and viewers with its simplicity and effectiveness.

The Rapid Rope Canister is precisely what the name suggests: a compact, portable container filled with ready-to-use, pre-cut rope. The rope is stored in a neat and tangle-free manner inside the canister, with a cutting edge conveniently built into the lid to ensure you always have the exact length of rope you need. The ropes themselves are high-quality extreme utility ropes, each capable of supporting a load up to 1100 pounds.

Rapid Rope Gear

How it Works

The simplicity of the Rapid Rope Canister is part of its appeal. To use it, you simply unwind the desired length of rope from the canister and then use the in-built cutter on the lid to cut the rope at the desired length. No need for knives or scissors, no need for wrestling with tangled bundles of rope, just a smooth, convenient experience. It saves valuable time in high-pressure situations, where seconds often count.

Applications in Tradecraft, Military, and Survival Situations

The Rapid Rope Canister offers a significant advantage in several scenarios, including covert operations. The rope itself is strong, durable, and lightweight, making it ideal for use in different situations, such as securing equipment, setting up temporary shelters, or even constructing improvised traps or rescue lines.

You can use the Rapid Rope for quick escape routes, secure perimeter settings, or complex knot-tying for specific mission requirements. The canister’s compact design allows it to be easily concealed within other gear or cargo. In survival situations, the convenience, reliability, and multi-functionality of this tool could very well mean the difference between life and death.

Rapid Rope Gear  Review

Everyday Utility

The Rapid Rope isn’t just for tradecraft professionals and survival enthusiasts. It’s also an excellent addition to your everyday toolbox. Whether you need to secure a load in the back of your truck, rig a clothesline, or even set up a hammock, Rapid Rope is the perfect solution.

Urban and Wilderness Survival Kits

For both urban and wilderness survival kits, the Rapid Rope is an excellent inclusion. In urban environments, the rope can be used for scaling buildings, creating emergency shelters, or tying down equipment during natural disasters.

In the wilderness, the utility of a high-strength, easy-to-use rope is immeasurable. From constructing shelters, securing food stores up high to prevent wildlife access, or assisting in creating rafts or other survival tools, the Rapid Rope Canister is a game-changer.

Rapid Rope  Review


All in all, the Rapid Rope is a highly versatile tool that packs a lot of utility into a small, convenient package. Whether you’re a military operator, a covert operative, a survivalist, or an everyday Joe, this product has the potential to be an incredibly valuable addition to your gear.

It’s not often that a product comes along that so seamlessly blends convenience, strength, and utility. If you’re serious about being prepared, a Rapid Rope Canister should be a staple in your kit.

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