In the demanding and ever-evolving field of security, both at a national level and at our very front doors, finding effective tools and solutions is of paramount importance. The OnGARD is one such device.

+ Simple Installation

+ Works on Hardwood Floors

+ Resists 3000lbs of Force

+ Lifetime Warranty

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The OnGARD Door Brace is one such solution that has garnered attention in recent years. As a dedicated member of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, my primary focus is to ensure the safety and security of the public.

In this review, I will analyze the effectiveness of the OnGARD Security Door Brace as well as comparisons with other door jammers.

The OnGARD Security Door Brace is a security device designed to reinforce doors against forced entry. Composed of robust materials, its primary function is to withstand significant force, essentially acting as a door jammer. The device is placed on the floor behind a door, and the door brace’s top part then engages with the door, preventing it from being opened from the outside.

OnGUARD Security Door Brace

Design and Construction

A significant feature of the OnGARD Security Door Brace is its overbuilt construction. This isn’t merely a cosmetic feature – the solid build ensures the device can resist substantial force. In comparison with other door jammers on the market, which can sometimes be made of lesser-quality materials or have flimsy designs, the OnGARD’s solid construction offers superior resistance.

Unlike traditional door jammers that often employ simple designs and materials, OnGARD’s robust construction ensures maximum resistance against force. The tool leverages the strength of the floor and distributes the pressure evenly, making it exceptionally difficult for an intruder to force open a door.

Compared to other door jammers in the market, OnGARD’s rugged construction offers a higher level of security. Many door braces can easily bend, break, or become dislodged under significant force. OnGARD’s design, on the other hand, ensures that it remains in place, providing a sturdy barrier against intrusion.

OnGUARD Security Door Brace | Review

Ease of Use

For any security tool to be effective, it needs to be quickly and easily implemented, especially in high-stress scenarios. The OnGARD Door Brace excels in this aspect. The user can swiftly place the top part of the brace as needed, without the requirement of intricate adjustments or setups. This feature ensures that, in case of an emergency, individuals can secure their doors promptly and effectively.

While some security devices require lengthy installation processes or tools, the OnGARD can be efficiently positioned and activated with minimal effort. The design allows users to quickly place the top part as needed, making it an ideal solution, especially in emergency situations where every second counts.

OnGUARD Security Door Brace | Review

Real-world Scenarios

Let’s consider the harsh reality of a potential home invasion or forced entry scenario. Intruders typically rely on the element of surprise and speed. A door, in many situations, is the first and only line of defense. The OnGARD, with its formidable construction, acts as a robust deterrent against such threats.

The quick and intuitive setup means that even in a situation where someone is alerted to a potential breach, they can rapidly deploy the device to reinforce their door. This can provide invaluable minutes for the occupant to alert authorities or seek a safe space within the premises.

OnGUARD Security Door Brace | Gear Review

Final Thoughts

From an FBI perspective, security measures are not just about robustness, but also about adaptability and ease of use. The OnGARD Door Brace meets all these criteria, providing an effective and user-friendly solution against forced entry.

While no security measure can be considered 100% foolproof, the OnGARD’s design and overbuilt construction place it a notch above many other door jammers in the market, making it a worthy investment for those seeking an additional layer of safety for their homes or businesses.

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