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        *Bitcoin Scavenger Hunt

Bitcoin BTC Crypto in a Cake Wallet with iPhone - Tradecraft TRDCRFTThis is a giveaway for the private keys to a wallet with 1,000,000 Satoshi (.01 BTC) via a scavenger hunt, with this site being the hunting ground.


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        Strike App

Strike App - Tradecraft Gear    [ JOIN ]     Strike is a mobile phone app for seamless, fast and global payments and fund transfers via P2P and business. Notably using the Bitcoin Lightning Network


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        Ransomware: Starter Guide

Ransomware: Starter Guide /// Tradecraft [trdcrft]Essential details and technical intel on ransomware; the malware that encrypts digital files, holding it at ransom, to be decrypted upon payment.


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        Bitcoin User Guide: Intro

Bitcoin User Guide /// Tradecraft [trdcrft]An introductory guide on the concept, function and utility of Bitcoin cryptocurrency as an alternate form of money for standardized use.


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        Cryptocurrency Terminology

Cryptocurrency Terminology - Tradecraft TRDCRFTA list of the most important and commonly used cryptocurrency terminology and slang for the average crypto investor, trader and general user.


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        The Bitcoin Whitepaper

Bitcoin Whitepaper Poster Tradecraft TRDCRFTSatoshi Nakamoto’s whitepaper was published on October 31 2008 with the cryptocurrency launching on January 3 2009.   -download PDF »


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