The Disparity of Force

The Disparity of Force - Man Holding a Knife in a Dark Street | detcadeRThe concept of disparity of force methodology affects our deadly force decision-making strategies in close quarters combat engagements.


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        Police Comms ’10-Codes’

Police 10 Codes Brevity Codes in TradecraftAs a law enforcement officer, a covert operative or a vigilant civilian, it’s strategic to have at least a basic understanding of these police brevity codes.


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        Police Barricade Tape

Police Barricade Tape /// Tradecraft Kit     [BUY]     Police Barricade Tape is a common extended loadout item of law enforcement and operators for security, misdirection, blockades and proximity declarations.


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        [STRTSMRT]   “Shouting “cops!”, “five oh!” or equivalent while pointing at…

Street Smarts in Prague, Czech Republic | detcadeR TradecraftConcise, highly specific intel posts about practical street smart skills, concepts and methods in the form of proverbs and tips.   –view the list


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        The Canine Evasion Strategy

SAS Military German Shepard Dog Evasion /// Tradecraft [trdcrft] An essentials guide on the techniques and concepts of dog evasion, i.e., trained canines; patrol, tracking, sentry, military and law enforcement.


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        Escaping a Mass Riot

Riots in Jakarta, Indonesia /// Tradecraft [trdcrft]Identifying, engaging then escaping a sudden civil riot when you’re not a willing participant but an inadvertent part of the mob – for the sake of survival.


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        The Art of Interrogation

The Art of Interrogation /// Tradecraft [trdcrft]Operative guide on the process of and how to conduct a standardized interrogation of suspects under unlawful confinement or legal arrest.


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        Milspec Plastics Cobra Cuffs

Milspec Plastics Cobra Cuffs    [BUY]     The Milspec Plastics Cobra Cuffs are the gold standard of disposable plastic zip tie hand cuffs. Overbuilt, double locking and folds for seamless carry.


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