The Disparity of Force

The Disparity of Force - Man Holding a Knife in a Dark Street | detcadeRThe concept of disparity of force methodology affects our deadly force decision-making strategies in close quarters combat engagements.


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        Predator Criminology Foraging

Predator Criminology Foraging - Dangerous Man in Hoodie | tradecraft trdcrftA behavioral theory of how human predators operate and interact with their surroundings to guide us with dynamic risk-assessment on the streets.


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        Active Situational Awareness

Active Situational Awareness in Giza, Egypt /// Tradecraft TrdcrftA tradecraft mindset of near subconscious perception of physical scenarios as well as the variable circumstances within the space you’re in.


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        Evasion Shelter Procurement Guide

Escape and Evasion URBEX at Buzludzha Monument in Bulgaria /// Tradecraft [trdcrft]The tradecraft guideline of finding and procuring impromptu shelter in the urban and in the wild during escape and evasion situations from hostile forces.


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        The Combat Flinch Reflex

Brass Knuckles in Hand /// Tradecraft [trdcrft]A primer in what is and how you can adapt or respond to the startle / flinch reflex occurrence when activated during combat and defensive events.


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        Disrupt… Damage… Destroy… Disengage.

Disrupt, Damage, Destroy Then Disengage in Street Close Quarters Combat /// Tradecraft [TRDCRFT]With non-warfare street violence, the strategic basic stages of close quarters combat is to disrupt, damage, destroy then disengage.


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        The Tactical Mindset

The Tactical Mindset of Det V Cader Tradecraft /// [trdcrft]The tactical mindset is a way of being that optimally prepares you for any dangerous or crisis situation through tradecraft logic and survival adaptation.


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        Being Perceived as Prey

Urban Survival in New York City /// Tradecraft [trdcrft]Violent assailants and the common criminal in urban environments tend to seek a specific type of target, in the same vein as a predator.


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