A series of intel about DIY / improvised vehicle upgrades and modifications to optimize otherwise regular automobiles for tactical driving.


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     Run-Flat Tires

The engine and steering system are the most important parts of a car but irrelevant if the tires are disabled in a critical survival, operational or combat situation. Even a single blown tire effectively renders a vehicle useless and stopping to change the tire in such scenarios is not ideal or even possible.

Run-flat tires in many cases (including gunshots), resolve that issue. Even when the tire is flat or blown out while in transport, it can function, albeit to less capacity / agility / speed. It can take you where you need to go without having to stop.

When a puncture or other severe damage occurs, the internal construction allows the tire to still support the weight and operation of the vehicle.

*Intel will be updated and expanded gradually over time with instructionals and implementation guides.

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