“B.L.I.S.S.” is an acronym for Blend, Low Profile, Irregular, Survival and Secluded – a basic guideline for urban escape and evasion strategies.

“B” is for BLEND. The operative needs to blend into the background. Blending can take on many aspects from the more traditional evasion to the operative looking like they belong, so they may not be challenged. This deception works when the locals or the enemy look at the operative, but do not see them for what they really are. In most societies sharing public space is an accepted and tolerated fact, so it may be easier for the operative to walk through a street in disguise, rather than sneak around it in the shadows. Avoid drawing attention to oneself inadvertently; remain in the background.

“L” is for maintaining a LOW PROFILE. The operative needs to be patient, polite, and not draw attention. They need to not look or act nervous or lost. A person that moves quickly, frantically, and looks over their shoulder stands out, as opposed to someone who calmly walks like everyone else. Avoid children as they are attentive and curious and will point out the peculiar to adults. Avoid cultural taboos as this will avoid situations that demand complicated explanations or actions.

“I” is for IRREGULAR. If you are performing a repetitive act, you must vary your activity and not become predictable by changing travel routes and patterns. If an operative is maintaining a signal or other comms, they should always try to approach and check it at irregular times. In all actions an operative should try and avoid repeat actions scrutinized by the same people so they can not discern any pattern recognition.

“S” is for SURVIVAL. The operative must remember their survival training and apply it towards this urban environment to meet their basic needs. Modification to things like personal protection may include using debris and man-made materials to look like the environment. The operative should be aware of preventive measure for localized diseases and hygiene issues. The operative needs to consider the additional sustenance problems they will have to overcome in an urban environment, such as competing with the locals for limited resources and ensuring their procurement techniques match local techniques, and purification and preparation practices which do not draw attention.

The second “S” is for SECLUDED. The operative should try to keep their selves and all that they do out of the way and isolated from others, without being obvious and dramatic about it. Be secluded without being too isolated. Too much isolation could attract unwanted attention if seen or otherwise noticed.