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        Pickpocket Technique Guide

Pickpocket Technique Guide /// Tradecraft [trdcrft] The strategy, tactic, psychology and technique guide on the craft of the professional pickpocket to use as a part of a tradecraft strategy or a defensive one.


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        Pickpocket Defense Guide

Pickpocket Defense Guide /// Tradecraft [trdcrft]The defense of pickpockets differ from the other types of street criminology because of the stealth interaction of invasive “non-interaction”.


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        Backpack Anti-Theft Locks Mod

Backpack Security Lock Mod /// Tradecraft [trdcrft]A do-it-yourself modification for dual function security locking of backpacks to prevent unwanted internal content access and theft of the entire bag itself.


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        BN-LINK Outlet Timer

BN-LINK BND-60 U47 Outlet Timer /// Tradecraft Gear    [BUY]     The BN-LINK Outlet Timer is a basic power outlet adaptor that turns a connected device on and off as needed – useful for security and tradecraft hacks.


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        Pacsafe Cashsafe Anti-Theft Belt

Pacsafe Cashsafe Anti-Theft Belt /// Tradecraft Kit    [BUY]     A low profile, non-descript and non-suspicious but modern style belt with secret zippered pocket along the belt interior for EDC security and stash utility.


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        DoorJammer Device

DoorJammer: Brace Lock /// Tradecraft Kit    [BUY]     The DoorJammer is a compact yet rugged security device for travel and urban survival that prevents unwanted entry to almost any door in seconds.


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        Improvised Hotel Room Theft Prevention Security Measures

Hotel at The Thailand / Cambodia Border /// Tradecraft TrdcrftRegardless of hotel stars or Airbnb ratings, you’re vulnerable to in-room theft while you’re out. These are on the fly tactics for prevention and deterrence.


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        Tarriss TSA Cable Lock

Tarriss TSA Cable Lock /// Tradecraft Gear    [BUY]     The Tarriss TSA Cable Lock is an advanced combonation luggage lock designed for travel security. TSA agent accessible with a search alert feature.


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