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    ASP P12 Tactical Baton

ASP P12 Tactical Baton /// Tradecraft [trdcrft]    [BUY]     The ASP P12 is the gold standard in concealable tactical batons. Expands and collapses as per deployment with speed and ease and with incredible striking power.

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    Task Fixation in Public Spaces

Urban Survival: Task Fixation in Public Spaces /// Tradecraft [trdcrft]Pre-targeted or not, the act of aggression is usually prompted by an opening – an opportunity that’s often created by the subject‘s fixation on a task.

    [ 0121919 ]         TACTICAL

    Garrote Bracelet V3

Garrote Bracelet V3 /// Tradecraft [trdcrft]Discreet version type 3 (as per non-permissive environments) tactical bracelet with a retractable garrote. Made only with nylon, kevlar and polymer.

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    Hinderer Investigator Pen

Hinderer Investigator Pen /// Tradecraft Gear    [BUY]     The Hinderer Investigator Pen is a compact but effective tactical pen with CQC and self-defense applications. Precision machined in the USA.

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    Negating EDC Knife Rotations

Knife Maintenance With Knife Pivot Lube and Microtech Troodon, Guardian Tactical Exilis and Kewshaw Luanch 10 /// Tradecraft Trdcrft The practice of rotating edged tools for tactical and defensive purposes as a part of your everyday carry system should be reduced or negated.

    [ 0112919 ]         GEAR, TACTICAL

    10,000 Hours to Skill Mastery

Kong Skull Island Boat in Ninh Binh, Vietnam /// Tradecraft Trdcrft Theory: With 10,000 hours of practice of a particular skill, it can effectively be mastered. Regardless of accuracy, the concept is empowering.

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    Composure in The Chaos of Combat

Urban Warfare in Turkey /// Tradecraft Trdcrft In engagements of critical conflict and combat, skills and training are secondary, keeping cool is primary. It must first be grasped to operate optimally.

    [ 0112219 ]         LIFESTYLE, TACTICAL

    Bathroom Weaponology Directive

Bathroom at Hai Van Pass in Vietnam /// Tradecraft Trdcrft It may seem like it but never assume the bathroom is a safe place. It’s a false haven, a potential cage where you’re at your most vulnerable.

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