How to Lie Professionally

How to Lie Professionally /// Tradecraft [trdcrft]Basis covert operative guide on how to lie like a professional in the field for practical live use in both operational scenarios and casual situations.


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        Who You Should Vote For

2020 Presidential Election Absentee Ballot /// Tradecraft [trdcrft]When deciding who you want to be your leader, the person that will affect your way of life and country’s way of being, consider basic social tradecraft:


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        Method of Turning Off Your Emotions

U.S. Air Force Air Operator /// Tradecraft [trdcrft]A cognitive tradecraft method of “switching off” your emotions on-demand in moments of chaos or conflict; combat, crises and other high stress activities.


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        Tactical Emotional Intelligence

Tactical Emotional Intelligence in Da Lat, Vietnam /// Tradecraft [trdcrft]As emotionally driven creatures, our emotional intelligence skillset can be weaponized with strategy and purpose for communicational tactics.


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        In Moments of Chaos or Combat, Be Smart Now and Emotional Later

Mexico Cartel Warfare /// Tradecraft Trdcrft Emotions define our humanity. But it also gets in our way when we need to be operative, thus we must sometimes defer our humanity and be analytic.


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        Reading People: Tactics

Tactics of Reading People /// Tradecraft [trdcrft]The tactics of reading people through their verbal cues, facial tics and body language to measure their intentions, emotions and perceptions.


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