Hiding From Drones: Intro

Mavic 2 Drone /// Tradecraft Trdcrft This is an introduction on how to hide from drones (UAV) operated by non-military, government, agencies and private civilians.


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        Why Travelers and Civilians Should Carry Handcuff Keys

Handcuff Keys and Passport /// Tradecraft TrdcrftA covertly equipped handcuff key for a foreigner abroad is the smallest part of their everyday carry gear but potentially the most important.


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        Essential Vehicular Counter-Surveillance Tactics

Essential Vehicular Counter-Surveillance Tactics /// Tradecraft TrdcrftThis is the basic guideline of countermeasures to reduce, prevent or manipulate physical surveillance in motor vehicle scenarios in the field.


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        The Single Most Important Physical Urban Survival Skill

Urban Survival in Seoul, Korea /// Tradecraft TrdcrftUnlike wilderness survival, the skills of procuring and preparing sustenance are not the most important when it comes to the concrete jungle- this is:


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        Stealth SERE Kit V2

Stealth SERE Kit V2 /// Tradecraft TrdcrftResponse blade, carbide rod saw, diamond rod saw, Kevlar cord saw, polymer handcuff key, titanium Bogotas, garrote and shim pick saw.


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        [OPS]   The Jungle Escape and Evasion

Covert Ops /// Tradecraft Trdcrft*OPS is a series of intel possibly about certain experiences of intelligence covert agents. Edited, altered, fictional and or true accounts of operations.


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        Sector Extrication Kit

Sector Extrication Kit /// Tradecraft TrdcrftThis is a kit for items and documents that are necessary to effectively exit a bordered geographical sector then gain entry to another.


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