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        50+ Nomad Travel Tips

Triple Aught Design Scout in Vang Vieng Laos /// Tradecraft Travel Tips [trdcrft]Essential, basic and advanced travel tips for operatives in the field, civilians abroad for business or pleasure and nomads living life on the road.


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        Long-Haul Flight Survival Guide

Long-Haul Flight Survival Guide: Kathmandu, Nepal /// Tradecraft [trdcrft]International commercial flights are arduous journeys that are mentally and physically demanding, it takes a certain survival directive.


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        No-Jet-Lag Pills

No-Jet-Lag Pills /// Tradecraft Gear    [BUY]     No-Jet-Lag are homeopathic anti-jet-lag pills that really actually works. Helps alleviate mental stress, body aches and regain energy from long-haul flights.

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        The First 60 Minutes After Landing in a Foreign Country

Dubai International Airport /// Tradecraft [trdcrft]Getting off a domestic flight of your own country is elementary but it can get complex or even intimidating when abroad and it starts at the airport.


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        The Proof of Onward Travel Hack

Proof of Onward Travel Hack at Kuwait International Airport /// Tradecraft [trdcrft]In some countries using certain airlines, you can be denied entry without having proof of onward travel, this is how to hack that requirement.


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