Kevlar Universal USB Cable

Kevlar Universal USB Cable /// Tradecraft Tech     [BUY]     The Kevlar Universal USB Cable is the toughest and most robust. From Nomad, these adapt to 3 adaptor types, made with a Kevlar core and exterior.


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        Hanger Diversion Safe

Hanger Diversion Safe /// Tradecraft Kit    [BUY]     The Hanger Diversion Safe is a covert item hiding safe that conceals under any article of clothing while hung on a hanger in a closet. Seamlessly and in plain sight.


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        Axis Expedition Duffel

Triple Aught Design Axis Expedition Duffel /// Tradecraft [trdcrft]    [BUY]     This Triple Aught Design Axis Expedition Duffel is a technical and ruggedized gear hauler. Weatherproof, modular, packable and convertible to a backpack.


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        Portable Door Lock Device

Portable Door Lock /// Tradecraft Gear     [BUY]     The Portable Door Lock is a compact device that reinforces security for doors by adding a locking mechanism on the fly. Ideal for hotels and insecure facilities.


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        Cocoon Grid-It Organizer

Cocoon Grid-It Organizer /// Tradecraft Kit    [BUY]     A unique rubberized woven elastic retention system for gear organization for within a bag for ultimate EDC setups and hyper-organized packing systems.


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        No-Jet-Lag Pills

No-Jet-Lag Pills /// Tradecraft Gear    [BUY]     No-Jet-Lag are homeopathic anti-jet-lag pills that really actually works. Helps alleviate mental stress, body aches and regain energy from long-haul flights.

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        Amabilis Stealth Black Duffel

Amabilis Stealth Black Duffel /// Tradecraft Gear    [BUY]     The Amabilis Stealth Black is an advanced ruggedized duffel bag designed for tactical and military utility, but also optimal for everyday life.


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        Goruck Kit Bag

Goruck Kit Bag /// Tradecraft Kit    [BUY]     The Goruck Kit Bag is an extremely rugged but mobile duffle bag with a strategic volume of 32 liters. Actively used by the US Special Forces.


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