A blacked out street-civilian tactical everyday carry of prime essentials (e.g., knife, flashlight, pen, case) minimalist kit for urban scenarios.

Objective: Standardized Urban Carry Template

Location:New York, USA

Exilis Knife

This Guardian Tactical tool has been a part of my permanent vagabonding packing list and my de facto EDC knife since I acquired it nearly 4 years ago. There is no other knife I’ve used or equipped nearly as much in that time.

An American made high-end device, the invincible build and high-tech design with a sub 3-inch cutting edge makes it perfect for global carry.

Equipped IWB (inside waistband) center right, above the crotch at an ergonomic angle.

-Available for about $250 >>>

511-TMT-L1-Flashlight-Dark-Urban-Essentials-EDC-Kit (1)

TMT L1 Flashlight

For many years the Dark Energy 214A was my go-to compact tactical torch for vagabonding EDC until I was recently gifted this new 511 flashlight. While much testing is needed, first impressions are looking good.

The powerful 212 lumens beam is outstanding but it’s the speed and fluidity of operating it that makes this the fastest “gun” in the west – thanks to the ingeniously designed tail cap switch.

Equipped on the pant belt on the right, slightly rear.

-Available for about $55 >>>

Triple-Aught-Design-Life-Capsule-Omega-Dark-Urban-Essentials-EDC-Kit (1)

Life Capsule Omega

Having been a part of my packing list since day one, these Triple Aught Design capsule containers have become indispensable for mobile organization and specialized kits. Typically for the purpose of single-use or emergency scenarios.

I instinctively EDC at least one of these for most locales and situations. The contents vary from meds to SERE to survival to money.

Equipped in the left pant pocket (or cargo pocket).

-Available for about $85 >>>

Tuff-Writer-Operator-Pen-Sanitized (1)

Operator Pen

This is Tuff-Writer’s flagship tactical pen and it has also been a part of my packing list and daily carry since 2015. In regards to both its writing and defensive capabilities, in my opinion, it’s the best overall tactical pen available. Furthermore, the non-menacing design and subdued handsome style makes it permissible for car in any environment.

Equipped on the right pant pocket.

-Available for about $95 >>>

Dark Urban Essentials EDC Kit