Nitecore TIP Flashlight

Nitecore Tip Flashlight /// Tradecraft Gear    [BUY]     The Nitecore TIP is a micro tactical backup flashlight. Developed for lightweight and seamless carry with speed of deployment accessibility.


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        SureFire Stiletto Pro

SureFire Stiletto Pro Flashlight /// Tradecraft Gear    [BUY]     The SureFire Stiletto Pro is a modernized tactical flashlight, purpose driven and designed to be deployed and used like a clipped combat knife – for speed and agility.


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        Tactical Write-Light-Slice EDC Kit

Tactical Write-Light-Slice EDC Kit /// Tradecraft TrdcrftAn essentials everyday carry loadout for the triple factor write-light-slice EDC concept for casually tactical applications in a compact form.


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        511 Rapid L1 Flashlight

511 Rapid L1 Flashlight /// Tradecraft Gear    [BUY]     The 511 Rapid L1 is a powerful yet compact tactical flashlight designed for speed of use and with close quarters combat capabilities – blinding beam and strike bezel.


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        Edged + Impact CQC Kit

Edged + Impact CQC Kit EDC /// Tradecraft [trdcrft]This is a full body engagement positioned carry kit for close quarters combat (CQC / CQB) consisting of only edged tools and impact devices.


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        URBEX EDC Kit

URBEX EDC Kit /// Tradecraft GearAn urban explorer’s essentials everyday carry loadout for restricted and abandoned spaces and locales as per only crucial URBEX EDC.


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        SureFire 2211 WristLight

SureFire 2211 Luminox WristLight /// Tradecraft Gear    [BUY]     The SureFire 2211 WristLight is a high quality analog timepiece / powerful tactical flashlight hybrid. Ideal for using with a firearm or when hands need to be free.


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        Dark Urban Essentials EDC Kit

Dark Urban Essentials EDC Kit /// Tradecraft Trdcrft A blacked out street-civilian tactical everyday carry of prime essentials (e.g., knife, flashlight, pen, case) minimalist kit for urban scenarios. [img]


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