An essentials everyday carry loadout for the triple factor write-light-slice EDC concept for casually tactical applications in a compact form.

An everyday carry kit is a constantly evolving, ever-changing and updated set of gear that should be customized for the person’s preferences and situational needs.

As this is an essentials only list of everyday carry for WLS, a more comprehensive equipment packing list loadout for professional tactical applications apply.

Objective: Casual Tactical Write-Light-Slice EDC

Location: Arlington, Virginia

Kit Cost: $365+ USD

Tactical Write-Light-Slice EDC Kit
- 511 FLashlight

Rapid L1 Flashlight //

This is the latest generation of 511’s compact tactical flashlight series. I’ve carried their previous model for years and am impressed with this current iteration. About as small as can be to still maintain tactical utility but with a powerful 290 lumens output.

Aptly named, it activates and deploys rapidly between functions for outstanding CQC capabilities, further user-enhanced by the robust striking bezel.

*Equipped on my belt on the right, between my hip and spine. Concealed over by my Ronin XT Jacket.


TP-03C Pen //

This is the replacement to my long carried Tuff-Writer Operator Pen. Made from titanium and much more compact, this is a superbly tactical but permissive pen with effective utility; tungsten carbide strike tip on an ergonomically grippy body.

The bolt-action mechanism is a joy to use that further strengthens the writing end as a CQC impact point.

*Equipped clipped inside an internal compartment of the left pocket of my pants.

EDC Knife

GT Exilis Knife //

This Guardian Tactical flipper has been my primary go-to EDC knife for years as it’s a perfect blade for nomadic international carry due to it’s size. Also about as small this type of tool can be to maintain close quarters combat and tactical capacity.

Made in the USA built to engineering perfection, this has become a true extension of my hands.

*Equipped inside the waist (IWB) of my pants, center right above the crotch.

[Write = Pen, Light = Flashlight, Slice = Knife] EDC
[Write = Pen, Light = Flashlight, Slice = Knife]