The Glykon by Microtech is the legendary brand’s latest and most innovative OTF knife to be developed in a long time. Utilizing completely different design cues with all new mechanics never seen before in any edged tool.

Microtech is the undisputed champion of automatic knives since their inception in the mid 1990’s but innovation has been lacking the past few years. But when your knives are already the top-of-the-line and the most advanced bladed tools available, innovation is understandably slow. With the Glykon, innovation is back.

Over the past 25 years, they have earned a reputation for quality, innovation and durability. Microtech knives are used by military, law enforcement and first responders around the globe.

Microtech Glykon Knives

The Microtech Glykon is nothing like the brand’s other OTF knives lineup in both aesthetics and function. It is their biggest departure from their admired knife DNA that they’re famous for. The body (chassis) of their OTF knives were always 2 milled pieces of anodized aluminum with conservative lines and curves, very simple while being extremely robust and a moderate amount of ergonomics. Each OTF model looked like a close relative to each other because of this.

The body of the Glykon is made up of multiple parts of different materials (aluminum, titanium, carbon fiber), akin to a high-end flipper folding knife. Only when you see the iconic actuation button (the trigger to deploy the knife), do you realize it’s a Microtech. It’s undeniably different and quite tactically beautiful and the ergonomics have been amped up for better grip and retention.

The Microtech Glykon is the most advanced and evolved OTF knife since their superbly symmetrical Dirac and Dirac Delta released a couple of years ago. The Dirac was  the most unique out of the OTF lineup but the Glykon is even more different, for the better. It seems like a natural progression, or evolution citing classic edged tool detailing and structuring fused with futuristic design and mechanics.

Microtech Glykon Knife

OTF stands for “out the front”, as in the blade is deployed vertically out of the front of the knife. The blade does not “swing” to the side on an axis, but instead on a rail so it dramatically shoots out like a projectile. As with all their automatic knives, the blade is fiercely and satisfyingly ejected with the push of the button.

I just got the Microtech’s new Glykon knife and as an avid collector of almost their entire catalog, this is my second favorite, behind the grandaddy OTF Halo. Yes the Glykon looks different from other Micro’s but I love how it feels in the hands and firing the blade is amazing with the new mechanism.

However, the Microtech Glykon’s most intriguing new feature is the triple sided button. Unlike all automatic knives (Microtech and other knifemakers) before it, the actuation button was rather on the side or top, but always on just one side – a single point of button actuation. Whereas the Glykon has a button on 3 of the 4 sides of the knife. It’s actually just 1 button but ingeniously integrated to 3 connected buttons. This means you can engage the blade in so many more positions and scenarios, equally with the left and right hand. To top it off, the pocket clip can be applied to either side as well to even more ambidexterity.

Microtech Glykon Knife Blade

At an opened length of 8.9″ inches, it’s similar to the operator favorite Microtech Combat Troodon, large and the goldilock size for the ideal tactical knife – large but not excessive. The 3.71″ inch modified bayonet blade is made from Bohler M390 super steel – one of if not the best metal for a blade currently available. A surprising feature of the Glykon is the screws are standard torx so that anyone can open for maintenance, whereas almost all other Microtech knives have proprietary screws. Meaning you don’t have to send in your knife to Microtech to service or have to buy rare, hard-to-find tools to service yourself.

The Microtech Glykon is built with extreme tolerances similar to luxury mechanical watches with quality on a luxury level that’s of course made in the United States. As being the latest OTF knife, it’s too early to tell how it ranks with the rest, but coming from the best automatic knife maker in the world, the Glykon has a sharp future.

Glykon Blade Types and Finishes

The Microtech Glykon knife series exhibits a range of blade types and finishes across its variations, embodying both aesthetic and functional diversity. Here’s a breakdown of the blade types and finishes observed in each variation:

Stonewash: This variation features a double-edged (D/E) blade with a stonewash finish, which provides a rugged, well-worn appearance to the blade while also offering some resistance to corrosion.

Apocalyptic: The blade in this variant carries an apocalyptic finish, which gives it a distressed or battle-worn look. It’s a double-edged bayonet blade, providing a sharp point with cutting edges on both sides.

Stonewash Serrated: Sporting a stonewash finish similar to the first variant, this knife variation differs with its serrated edge, enhancing its cutting efficiency, particularly through tougher materials.

Apocalyptic Double Edge Bayonet: This variation maintains the apocalyptic finish and features a double-edged bayonet blade, facilitating a sharp point and dual cutting edges.

Apocalyptic Double Combo Edge Bayonet: This model also has an apocalyptic finish, but its blade carries a double combo edge, offering a combination of straight and serrated edges for versatile cutting capability.

These blade types and finishes across the Microtech Glykon knife variations not only cater to aesthetic preferences but also address different functional requirements, whether it’s enhanced cutting ability with serrated edges or a robust appearance with stonewash and apocalyptic finishes.

As with all products from this brand, they have historically been sold out within days of being stocked at dealers. This is true to both old and new knives / models. So finding a Glykon may take time and patience to procure one as it will surely be highly coveted and sought after. Additional review coming soon.

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Microtech has won numerous awards for its knives, and its products are prized by collectors and users alike. Dedicated to making the best possible knives for those who rely on them for their livelihood or personal protection.