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        How to be Street Smart: Guide

How to Be Street Smart on The Streets of Prague, Czech Republic /// Tradecraft TrdcrftA tradecraft guide on how to be street smart for foreign and domestic urban scenarios. Skills per operatives, civilians, nomads and urban survivalists.


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        Survival Prepping Firearm Essentials Guide

Firearm Pistol Cache | Tradecraft trdcrftAcquiring firearms for the purposes of survival prepping is a continuous and costly practice, procurement should be based on “essentials” mentality.


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        The Disparity of Force

The Disparity of Force - Man Holding a Knife in a Dark Street | detcadeRThe concept of disparity of force methodology affects our deadly force decision-making strategies in close quarters combat engagements.


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        The Self-Defense Decision Tree

The Self-Defense Decision Tree - Tradecraft TRDCRFTAttacks are made by choice out of desire (gain), self-defense is made by force out of necessity (survival). This strategy is the way to engage decisively.


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        Top [tradecraft] Intel

Leather Folder IntelThe changing list of the top intel posts and pages of this site; based on pageviews, bookmarks, saves, interactions and other factors. -Updated monthly.



        [STRTSMRT]   “When you pull out a weapon on the streets…

Street Smarts in Prague, Czech Republic | detcadeR TradecraftConcise, highly specific intel posts about practical street smart skills, concepts and methods in the form of proverbs and tips.   –view the list


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        Multitasker NANO Tool

Multitasker Nano Tool /// Tradecraft Kit     [BUY]     The Multitasker NANO Tool is a hyper minimal one piece multi-tool specifically designed for field adjustments of carbine firearm rifle optics.


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        The Firearm Disarm Concept

The Firearm Disarm Concept /// Tradecraft [trdcrft]An introductory primer and training basis guide on disarming guns from assailants during self-defense / combative close quarters situations.


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