The Headrest Safe is a product that is designed for law enforcement and intelligence personnel but just as useful for civilians. It is a small, lightweight safe that can be attached to the headrest of a vehicle.

This vehicular enhancement is made of high-strength steel and has a combination lock. It is designed to be tamper-resistant and strategically hidden in plain site.

The Headrest Safe is a device designed to provide an additional layer of protection in self-defense scenarios. It fits discreetly between the headrest and seat back of virtually any vehicle and provides a safe, accessible place for users to store weapons, pepper spray, stun guns, or other defensive items. It’s easy to install and can be accessed quickly in the event of an emergency. It also provides added peace of mind knowing that any items used for self-defense are securely stored and can be accessed with minimum effort as needed.

The Headrest Safe is an ultimate in discreet storage for your valuables (gun, money, credit cards, jewelry, medicine etc). Lock it away from potential thieves while keeping children and loved ones safe when traveling with your weapon or other items that may be valuable to you.

The interior of this head-mounted steel case has 1/2 inch foam rubber which protects the contents – including 18 gauge steel door construction & 16 gauge frames around both sides so it’s as tough and resilient as a normal safe.

A product that’s been making waves in the law enforcement and military communities. The Headrest Safe is a specially-designed safe that can be mounted on the headrest of a vehicle, making it the perfect place to store valuables, weapons, or sensitive equipment.

The Headrest Safe is the perfect solution for concealing your handgun in car. It’s completely out of sight but within reach from the driver’s seat with the natural extension of the arm.

I tested the Headrest Safe by attaching it to the headrest of my car and filling it with various items. I then drove around for a few days to see how well it held up. I was impressed with how well the Headrest Safe performed. It was very secure and seamlessly blended into the rest of the seat and interior.

Some pros and cons of the Headrest Safe so that you can decide if it’s the right product for you:

The Pros of the Headrest Safe

There are quite a few things to like about the Headrest Safe. First and foremost, it’s extremely durable and well-constructed. The safe is made out of 14-gauge steel and has a reinforced keyed lock that make it practically impossible to break into. Additionally, the Headrest Safe is powder coated for weather resistance, making it ideal for use in any climate.

Another great thing about the Headrest Safe is that it can be installed in seconds without having to remove or even adjust your headrest. Simply slide the safe over your headrest and secure it in place with the provided straps. Once installed, the Headrest Safe is completely inconspicuous; unless you know it’s there, you’d never even know it was there. This makes it the perfect place to store valuables or sensitive equipment without drawing attention to them.

The Cons of the Headrest Safe

While there are quite a few things to like about the Headrest Safe, there are also a few things that could be improved. First and foremost, at $129.99, the Headrest Safe is on the expensive side. Granted, you’re paying for quality—but some consumers may still be put off by the price tag. Additionally, while theHeadrest Safe is weather resistant, it’s not waterproof; if left in heavy rain or submerged in water, it will eventually leak.

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Overall, we think the Headrest Safe is a great product with a lot to offer. It’s well-constructed, easy to install, and completely inconspicuous—not to mention very secure. However, its high price tag may be a turnoff for some consumers. Nonetheless, there’s nothing else like this in the market, and even if there was, it would be hard to beat this level of quality and build craftsmanship.

The Headrest Safe is a great product for military, law enforcement, and intelligence personnel. It is secure, tamper-resistant, and effectively invisible.  I would highly recommend this unique kit to anyone in need of a secure storage solution for their vehicles.