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        A Covert Operative’s New Year’s Resolution 2021

New Year’s Eve in Time Square, New York in a Helicopter /// Tradecraft TrdcrftTo a field operative, a sharp mind is sometimes only as useful as their current state of physical sharpness is. The pandemic has dulled my physical prowess…


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        Combat Crunch Bars

Combat Crunch Bars /// Tradecraft Gear    [BUY]     Combat Crunch Bars are a new generation of protein packed snack bars that have exceptional taste. Great for emergency sustenance in the field.


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        6 Effortless Ways to Optimize Your Body Everyday

Effortless Ways to Optimize Your Body Everyday /// Tradecraft Trdcrft Casual actions and variations of everyday motions that can incrementally but definitively optimize your body, with negligible physical exertion.


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        Morning Routine as a Retired Covert Operative

Sunland Saigon Capsule Hotel in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam /// Tradecraft [trdcrft]After retiring, for the past few years as a nomad, my morning routine hasn’t been particularly that different than the average person, I assume…


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        The Single Most Important Physical Urban Survival Skill

Urban Survival in Seoul, Korea /// Tradecraft TrdcrftUnlike wilderness survival, the skills of procuring and preparing sustenance are not the most important when it comes to the concrete jungle- this is:


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