Faster Learning and Skill Retention Method

Tactical Operations Centre Aboard The La Fayette Frigate /// Tradecraft [trdcrft] A covert operative’s mental technique of learning new information and skills faster while increasing the capacity of retaining it all.


        [ 011420 ]         LIFESTYLE

        Weak Hand Optimization

Weak Hand Optimization at Taipei 101 Tower, Taiwan /// Tradecraft [trdcrft]Whether for combat tactical or daily practical utility, it’s wasted functionality to not train your weak (left) hand to be faster, stronger and sharper.


        [ 002220 ]         TACTICAL

        The Anti-Impossible Directive

The Anti-Impossible Directive in Jeju, Korea /// Tradecraft [trdcrft]With tradecraft reasoning “the impossible” can be scaled down to “the improbable” and with deliberate action it can become “the possible”.


        [ 0122419 ]         TRADECRAFT

        Dealing With Culture Shock in The Field

Streets of Iraq /// Tradecraft TrdcrftAdapting to a strange new culture is imperative to function properly and optimally in the field, as a mere spectating visitor or integrated operator.


        [ 012519 ]         LIFESTYLE

        A Trick to Falling Asleep Fast

Chilling on a Hammock in Pai, Thailand /// Tradecraft [trdcrft]Waking up is automatic, sleeping is effortless and yet falling asleep for many of us is often difficult and time consuming. This trick may be effective.


        [ 0111519 ]         LIFESTYLE

        Decoy Wallet Hack

Decoy Wallet Hack /// Tradecraft Trdcrft Deceivingly appeasing a mugger’s demand can counteract that hostile action without loss of actual valuables while maintaining safety.


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