Police as Operational Assets

Police in Berlin, Germany /// Tradecraft [trdcrft]The local police is an asset resource that can be utilized directly (employ) or indirectly (exploit) for operational support, strategy and security.

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    Hotel Room Safe Decoy/Trap Method

Hotel Room Safe Decoy/Trap Method /// Tradecraft TrdcrftTradecraft concept for using in-room hotel safes as a divergent security frontline for (actual) valuables or a self-actuating surveillance device.

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    Improvised Door Peephole Smartphone Security Hack

 Improvised Door Peephole Smartphone Security Hack /// Tradecraft TrdcrftA DIY viewpoint applied to doors for dynamic surveillance of the direct exterior and the security of the interior while occupied in unsecure rooms (e.g., hotels).

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    Crowd Scanning Targeting Tactics

Kabuki Central Road in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan ///  Tradecraft TrdcrftTechniques to observe, identify and initiate tracking or verify a specific person(s) within a large or moving crowd of people, in the field as a lone operative.

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    Improvised Proximity Alert Methods

Improvised Proximity Alert Methods at Hotels /// Tradecraft TrdcrftThe set up + use of improvised proximity alert systems (to detect or deter intruders) with no special equipment, while occupying any given room.

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    Covert Public Communication via Theatrical Misdirection

Galata Bridge in Istanbul, Turkey /// Tradecraft TrdcrftCertain measures must be taken for public face-to-face communication with an asset or associate that require complete irrelativity to each other.

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    Detecting Terrorist Activity and Behavior in The Field

Counter-Terrorism at The Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, Turkey /// Tradecraft TrdcrftOrganized terrorist operations require extensive research and planning, which develops into discernible patterns that can be detected before the act.

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    Essential Vehicular Counter-Surveillance Tactics

Essential Vehicular Counter-Surveillance Tactics /// Tradecraft TrdcrftThis is the basic guideline of countermeasures to reduce, prevent or manipulate physical surveillance in motor vehicle scenarios in the field.

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