Also known as counter-scamming, is a clever way to turn the tables on fraudsters. It requires a blend of psychological insight, deception, and tradecraft that operatives often use.

Scamming the scammer isn’t just about getting back at those who prey on the unsuspecting; it’s an art form that requires finesse, intelligence, and a touch of cunning.

Rather than simply baiting a scammer, the goal is to meticulously unravel their tactics, using their own methods against them to create confusion, waste their time, and ultimately lead them to a dead end. By understanding their psychological triggers and exploiting their greed, you can turn the tables and deliver a dose of poetic justice.


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Scamming a scammer isn’t just about revenge; it’s about using their own tradecraft against them. It requires patience, creativity, and a bit of cunning. But when done right, it’s a satisfying way to mess with those who deserve it.

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