A series of intel about DIY / improvised vehicle upgrades and modifications to optimize otherwise regular automobiles for tactical driving.

Hex Nuts

When being pursued by a hostile force, there’s essentially only 2 options to escape; get enough distance from the hostile vehicle or disable the hostile vehicle. One of the most simple but effective methods is cracking the windshield (front window) of the pursuing vehicle.

It doesn’t have to break, just fracture enough to make visibility enough of a problem that the driver must stop the vehicle. A straight shot with a firearm may work but could also leave a clean hole through the windshield, not disturbing the driver’s visibility at all. Also, using a firearm while driving to shoot a target behind you is dangerous and inefficient.

A handful of hex nuts thrown out the window (preferably the sunroof) of the vehicle being pursued to the pursuing vehicle in the rear is highly effective. There’s not much aim needed as just a few or even 1 hex nut has to hit the windshield to create a spiderweb like fracture pattern.

The moving speed of each vehicle, velocity and material hardness of the nuts will do all the work.

*Implementation requires no setup other than just having a few dozen of these nuts within reach; glovebox, cupholder, side compartments etc.

[GEAR : Steel Hex-Nuts 3/4″]