Whether you’re conducting a firefight or got caught up in an incident and just trying to survive, finding and using cover from bullets is essential.


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Don’t crowd your cover. When bullets start flying, people often try to get as close to cover as possible.

That’s rarely the best plan. It’s typically best to stay back at least 2 – 3 feet from your cover.

You should also remember that your cover provides cover as long as you keep it between your position and that of the person who is shooting at you.

Perhaps the best visual representation of this is the shadow cast by a piece of cover. This shadow shows you the general boundaries of the cover.

If you keep that cover between you and whoever is shooting at you, you are protected whether you are 3 feet or 30 feet behind that cover.

If you are in the shadow, the cover is protecting you. When you step out of the shadow, you are exposed to gunfire. So when you need to return fire, you want to expose as little of your body as possible.

As an added bonus, if you are back from your cover several feet, you get a wider field of view to alert you to anyone trying to come around your piece of cover.

So, strategically stay back from your cover proportionately and use the angles to your advantage.

Cover stops bullets. Concealment only gives you a place to hide. When you seek cover, choose the best cover you can get to quickly. If you have to move, try your best to move to better cover.


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