The flathead screwdriver is designed as a single purpose tool, but can be a “multi-tool” for many applications, including as a covert combatives device, a tactical screwdriver.

More of a general concept than a specific piece of equipment – just like a writing pen can be “tactical“, a screwdriver can be also be and much more.

Screwdrivers are of the most rudimentary tools. Made from a robust rod of steel with a substantial handle over it. All it’s supposed to do is apply screws into or remove out of place. Like a fixed knife, it’s that simplicity and rigidity in that general shape that can make it a formidable improvised melee weapon.

They can be an impromptu CQC device or a purpose-equipped piece of equipment. But not just as a special circumstance weapon but also as a tool beyond just screwing to a variety of unconventional uses.

Tactical-Screwdriver-Tradecraft-trdcrft (2)

In the reference image, on top is a standard 7″ screwdriver from Hyper Tough and on the bottom is a 6″ custom screwdriver made from titanium.

The titanium screwdriver is purpose made to be a weapon as much as a regular tool with the added benefit of being non-ferrous (resistant to corrosion), non-magnetic (avoids detection from metal detectors), is 3 times lighter and the handle is designed for stabbing movements, not twisting.

An actual blade or spike undoubtedly is better for penetrating flesh but as with pens, screwdrivers are far more suitable to carry in non-permissive areas.

It’s something you can almost always have on your person or in your loadout with minimal legal risk. Unlike the utterly weaponized and therefore non-permissive “tactical screwdrivers” and “combat flatheads” arriving in the markets of late.

Getting jabbed with a pen can be very painful with some stopping power and getting stabbed with an ordinary screwdriver can be as damage-effective as a blade of the same length, it just takes more force.

This potential affect doesn’t require any special modification to the screwdriver, including sharpening the point to a cutting edge. Physics takes care of it.

Human flesh is delicate, with pain receptors even more sensitive. An object that’s something in between a cutting blade and a blunt instrument with force behind it has great potential against such organic material and the nerves embedded in it.

Combat-Screwdriver-Tradecraft-trdcrft-1 (3)

It makes an excellent improvised weapon but it’s far more useful than that for the crafty user; prying objects, breaching doors, chiseling, breaking windows, maintenance and to use as an actual screwdriver.

There is no Dynamis combat flathead alternative as almost any standard flathead screwdriver is just as effective but infinitely more permissive and at many times less the cost.

Screwdrivers are carried by covert operatives and military operators in the field for these very purposes, like a fast deployment knife or sidearm. They take up very minimal space and can be equipped in countless ways; loose pocket, sheathed, MOLLE, IWB etc.

In actuality, for most, any large flathead screwdriver with a generous handle will do. This titanium screwdriver just adds a layer of concealment capacity, for more advanced / stealthy use.

A multi-tool is more useful on a general level but a screwdriver may be more handy on a situational level.

[Gear shown with the tactical screwdriver : Magpul Core Patrol Gloves 2.0]