The world around us is ever-changing, along with it our situational and operational dynamics. These changes must be acknowledged and engaged.

Human development from birth to death is all about change, yet it’s often human nature to resist change. Survival in any sense is adaption to change. Therefore, resistance to change is resistance to survival.

Change happens around us and for us whether we like it or not, want it or not or are prepared for it or not. Not accepting the way of the new and different can be disastrous to your fate. Not adapting or even acknowledging the changes that affect you means you’ll be left behind while the world moves on.

When we find something suitable or we get used to something, we tend to keep it just the way it is – even if there are better options or it’s actually hurting us. We are creatures of comfort and deviations take it away.

This is bad strategy in both the game of life and in the chaos of combat. Sometimes non-engagement is the best tactic but most often than not, you must proactively engage to the changing circumstances that affect you directly and indirectly.

Resistance to Change is Resistance to Survival - Motorbiking Vietnam

Life itself is change. Change is the only thing that can’t be changed. That is why it is crucial to develop a level of tolerance to change that will allow us to deal with transformations without compromising too much our psychological balance.

We resist change because of weak self-confidence, fear of the unknown, hesitation of the new, requirement of time / effort or our perceived awareness of our lack of competence to tackle the specific changes at hand.

That’s the opposite of survival.

Thriving in the jungle with dwindling supplies after an injury, navigating the streets during a terrorist firefight or finding a way to get by with a small paycheck after an unexpected expense.

That’s the definition of survival.

Not resisting the changes that resist your well being and success, but to work around it or through it to recalibrate your level of “comfort”.

Accept change and adapt to it or fall because of it.