Having broad experience with many weapons is good. However, having mastery of the few weapons you always have on your person is far better.

When carrying a firearm, knife or other weapon for everyday carry, this item or items are essentially extensions of your body and thus should be as personal to you as the very hands that use them.

You should not have a separate weapon for training, or at the very least, it should be similar to your EDC weapons. It doesn’t make sense to carry one gun but train with another. You want to be able to effectively use the gun you carry every day.

That means you need to seriously train with it.

Every time you handle a weapon, you incrementally “learn” the weapon in ways you can only do by the actual use of the exact item. The weight, shape, feel and the nuances of its operation.

This takes time and constant deliberate practice. Rotating your training weapon needlessly dilutes and prolongs the process of weapons mastery.

The only exception to the rule is training for specific weapons for specified use as per operational utility.

Since you’re supposed to operate like you train, you need to train with the weapon you’ll operate with.