The Triple Aught Design Shadow RS Mask is a high-end cloth type PPE adaptable to medical (N95) facemasks and filters for antiviral use.

  • NYCO Ripstop Fabric
  • Double Hinged Nose Guard
  • Filter Pocket
  • Chin Wrap Seal
  • Hypalon Reinforced
  • Made in The USA

Regardless of how you feel about wearing facemasks, it’s something all of us had to learn about as it’s been so integrated into our lives through this pandemic.


I’m certainly no expert on these PPE’s but I do feel like one after going through so many this 2020.

Triple Aught Design is one of my favorite clothing / gear brands, so naturally I was an early adopter when they released the Shadow RS Mask. They sold out and then some, by over 1500 percent, but fulfilled.

As with their other equipment, both design and utility is on the higher end of the aesthetics and performance sides, respectively. It’s a $45 cloth facemask (plus shipping and tax) but you do get your money’s worth, not just because it’s a premium brand, but because it is indeed a premium facemask.

Triple Aught Design Shadow RS Mask | Review*

However, facemasks are a lot like gloves when it comes to sizing. By that I mean that a specific size could be perfect for one person but totally off on another person who normally would need the same size. It’s a terribly tricky trick to pull off.

That was the major and widespread problem to those who ordered the “wrong” size. Including myself.

I really wanted to need it but it just didn’t work for me. Don’t get me wrong, these are outstandingly well constructed and visually appealing facemasks and technically proficient, TAD did an excellent job.

The were comfortable, breathable (as much as such things can be) and the filter pocket worked great. The double hinged (instead of single or none) nose guard is a feature I have not seen on other masks, but all others should follow suit – game changer and all that.

In my experience, the most important factor a facemask needs other than actual protection, is the ability for the user to speak and not have it fall down / slip under the nose. The Triple Aught Design Shadow RS Mask is extremely sensitive to this issue.

But it may not be for others. I have a chin for miles despite having a relatively thin / small cranium, so that probably perpetuated the problem. Still.

Of the many “premium” / reusable cloth facemasks that I did experiment with this year, the Shadow RS is most definitely my second favorite.

The Under Armour Sportsmask is what I use. It’s luxuriously comfortable, looks great and I can TALK.

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As for hygiene, the video above shows me wearing the TAD mask while getting a PCR COVID-19 test, which came out negative. I’ve worn it twice before that and none after. Then it was washed and never worn again. So it’s disinfected although never contaminated.

The filters are included with the giveaway.

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